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Golden Crane Senior Center, GCSC, founded in July 2007, is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization and is exempt from the United States federal income tax under Section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. GCSC’s ID number is 41-2248260.

Our purposes are

* to enrich and enhance the experience of all participants through exposure to Chinese culture and American traditions.

* to promote the health and social well-being of participants and enhance their quality of life.

* to provide resource information to seniors and other new comers.

* to develop friendships of the participants.

* to engage in charitable, educational, and community activities.

GCSC welcomes age 50+ seniors. Program activities are being offered every Monday and Tuesday at 1401 Danville Blvd., Alamo, CA 94507.

Brochure: gcsc-brochure10_03_2016

Bylaws:    GCSC Bylaws


康鶴耆英中心,于2007年七月在美國加州成立,是美國政府登記有案之非政治, 非營利, 非宗教團體 (US-IRS -ID 41-2248260).


* 透過對中華文化以及美國多元社會傳統方式的接觸,以促進參與人士多元文化之潛能.

* 提昇社區耆齡人士身心健康、社會意識與生活品質.

* 協助耆齡或新遷入社區人士之適應.

* 通過藝術、文化、健身、教育與社交活動,以培養社區人士之情誼.

* 從事慈善、教育、與社區活動.

康鶴耆英中心目前採非會員制,凡年在五十歲以上社區耆齡人士,不分種族背景,均歡迎參與本中心所舉辦之活動。本中心每星期一及星期二租用Alamo婦女俱樂部做為舉辦活動與課程之場所.  康鶴耆英中心歡迎社區人士與中心聯絡、詢問,並提供寶貴意見

中心手冊:  gcsc-brochure10_03_2016

組織章程:  GCSC Bylaws