Hiking 健行

May 6, 2016

Hiking Club Monthly Meet 康鶴健行會


 Hiking Club Monthly Meet 康鶴健行會

02/19/2016, Friday    Details to follow 


Hiking   01/15/2016  Wildcat Canyon in Tilden Park

WildcatGathering time: 9:30am.
Maximum in & out round trip : 8 miles of relatively flat walk with good view of Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, and Richmond-San Raphael Bridge.
Note: suggest no hike if rain as this is an exposed trail.
- Take 24W Orinda exit, turn right onto Camino Pablo Road which will turn into San Pablo Dam Road. ( drive 2.0 miles to Wildcat Canyon rd. )
- Turn left onto Wildcat Canyon Road.
- Inspiration Point parking lot will be on your right.
EstImated driving time from 24/680 junction to Inspiration Point will be 30 minutes.
Kindly forward to members as you deemed fit.
Peter Leng   冷  磐  石  Peter's cel 925-337-1354


 Diablo Foothills Regional Park,  Walnut Creek.
October 6, 2015   “海灣健行”作品展覽及秋季音樂發表會
                        09/20/2015  Hiking:    CARQUINEZ STRAIT
                                                         2015-9-20 CCCHC Hiking
Carquinez Strait Regional Park