2011 Spring Celebration party was held on Saturday, April 9th.  There were more than 150 people participating the event.  After dinner, the entertainment program followed which included karaoke, social dance, magic show, line dance, ethnic dance and baritone solo.  Our newly formed chorus group sang three songs for the first time on stage, their performance met with applause from the audience.



2011 第四屆週年聯歡

The GCSC held its 4th anniversary party on Saturday, Nov. 12. There were more than 150 people attend the event including our regular participants, friends of the Center and special guests. In addition to Center's own Hula Dance Class, Line Dance Class, the GCSC Chorus , Iris Lam's Duet and Patrick Hsu's humor, that evening's performers also included many distinguished guest performers- Ziliang Yuan, Harry Wong, Wing & Violet Toy and the Bay Area's renowned Zhi Yin chorus. (photos of the event). 康鶴中心於十一月十二日舉行第四屆週年聯歡晚會,約有一百五十名以上參與者,包括中心學員、中心友人及特別來賓共襄盛舉。晚會表演活動包括中心學員呼拉舞、排舞、二重唱及邀請灣區著名藝術表演家