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Folk Dance Wed. 7/5/2017
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May 30, 2107 GCSC Camera Club Presentation Use the Lens to Capture the Beauty of the World (用鏡頭捕捉世界之美) Video:  GCSC Camera Club Presentation
  May 3, 2017
慶祝母親節 & 5月/6月雙月慶生會   Detail:     GCSCMay2017 Video:
February 12,  2017 Golden Crane Senior Center is celebrating Chinese New Year with Stanislaus Chinese Association as part of our community service on February 12, 2017. The high light of the program is performing the Taiwanese Aboriginal Dance with the audience.


Taiwan Aboriginal Dance 2.12.17

---------------------------------------------------------------------------     2017    Chinese New Year Celebration 2017-ChineseNY-Celebration 視頻        2017-GCSC-Year of the Rooster
January 31,  2017      聽我說故事     STORY TO SHARE 10:50 - 12:15 Story to Tell-Joyce-2 ********************************************************************      
MARK YOUR DATE   December 4,  2016 gcsc-%e5%ba%b7%e9%b6%b4%e8%80%86%e8%8b%b1%e4%b8%ad%e5%bf%83-%e7%b1%8c%e6%ac%be   --------------------------------------------------------      十ㄧ/十二月 慶生及謝師午宴 Nov/Dec Birthday & Instructor’s Appreciation Luncheon Video
November 5, 2106  Baybridge  Hiking Video
11/08/2016  Lecture  講座  10:50-12:15 Topic: Common Sense Organic Speaker: K. C. Lin 林康記 Education: Fu Jen University, Chemistry, BS 1972 University of Southern California, Chemistry Ph.D. 1978 Experience: 37 years in agricultural chemical business in R&D, Regulatory, Marketing/Sales with Stauffer, Chevron, ICI and Sinon 興農 Synopsis: The debate of organic vs. conventional is like religion. Either you believe it or you don’t. However, a majority of consumers probably don’t really understand what organic means, how it’s defined and certified, and what the standards are. There are three Federal Government Agencies: FDA, USDA and EPA that are all involved in setting up organic policy, standard and enforcement. Sometimes, it’s quite confusing on what each of their responsibilities are. The individual states also have their own standard. Then the whole organic certification process is another topic that most of consumers don’t understand. This presentation is to address many interesting issues like nutrition, safety, value and provide you with information that you want to know so that you can make your own judgement about what will make you feel comfortable in spending money on food.
10/05/2016   OPEN HOUSE 2016-10-5-town-hall-meeting-program   **********************************************************
September 7, 2016  Special Day September/October Birthday and Moon Festival Party 9/10月慶生會慶祝中秋節:    2016-9-7 星期三特別節目- 海報
September 6, 2016  楊韻泉 YC Yang – “15年中國大陸的義務支教經歷” ''My 15 Years’ Volunteer work experience in China“ 自上世紀80年代起,楊韻泉每年都會抽出幾個月時間回國義務支教,至今已有15年。     這位美國退休的社會服務者及教育者、美國媽媽聯誼會教育顧問,留給所到之處的師生評價是:學識豐富、老頑童、有活力、敬業、無私奉獻。      15年前,楊韻泉開始中國大陸的義務支教之旅。每年會回來中國一到兩次,每次兩三個月的時間,在最需要的學校,教學生學習英語,中西方歷史文化,還有他很擅長的唱歌。「我沒有選擇到大城市,大城市本身人才比較多,願意去的人也比較多」。楊韻泉說,他個人的目標,是多幫助偏遠地區的小孩。「這次來芒市也是因為聯誼會會長張春華跟我講了兩年了。說在芒市需要開展工作,州僑聯這邊希望重點學校有外教來教英語」。就這樣,楊韻泉成了州民族中學建校以來的第一個外籍教師。
September 2, 2016   Hiking Club Monthly Meet 康鶴健行會 Redwood Regional Park:    Hiking-Sept-2-2016 Image result for redwood regional park
August 30, 2016   Tuesday . 星期二  11:00-12:30 Chris Ng’s “Cooking” 學做菜     (Sign up required; $8.00 Material fees) ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Aug 29., 2016  Monday. 星期ㄧ 10:30-3:30 Image result for mahjong Friendly Mah-Jong Game 麻將友誼會 (Small Room) Sign up required at GCSC front desk.
August 23,   2016   Chorus Recital DETAIL HERE ---------------------------------------------------------- 卡拉 OK      紅白大賽       201683(星期三)    10:00AM - 4:30PM 2016-8-3-卡拉OK紅白大賽-海報 (1) Videos     1 of 42 of 4   3 of 4   4 of 4 Karaoke Quartet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------      2016-7-6   星期三   7/8月   慶生會特別課程及節目 Birthday1. 09:00am – 10:00am 易筋拍打 2. 10:00am – 10:50am 長者聯誼時間 3. 11:00am – 02:00pm 七/八月雙月慶生會 (Potluck 請帶菜來) *** 特別請到台灣前主播李娜亞女士為我們講座[主播凸槌記]
2016-7-16 Angel Island State Park 健行
 還沒有報名的朋友們, 請6/28日(二)以前到中心前報名及繳費.
            沒有參加白天行程的朋友們, 如有興趣, 也可以報名參加晚上在Walnut Creek家家樂的聚餐. 會員的親戚或朋友, 如不是會員, 我們也歡迎參加, 行前填一Waiver Form即可.
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Starting June 2016 the center will open on the first Wednesday of the month


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